Sunday, December 21, 2008

Renovation Rescue

Well I said watch this space and here it is, after hours of work my new sCRAP room has taken shape, I emphasize the word CRAP as I seem to have found a lot of that whilst cleaning. Anyway here are some before, during and after photos. I still have a few too hard baskets and a little more sorting to do but I have put all loose pages in albums, and have done a heap of organising. I would still like 1 more shelving unit, which I might get later in the week and have to hem the organza curtains. From having a room that was a makeshift garage and craming all my scrapbooking into the dining room (with a table that we couldn't eat at) to a lovely organised and laid out area. I am really happy with how it has turned out.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Watch this Space

Well fellow scrappers prepare to be jealous. My scrap room is going to be awesome. I have made the decision to do a renovation rescue on the sunroom. Yesterday I spent the day buying supplies and removing everything out of the room and filling holes and general preparation. This morning I spent sanding the window edges and started painting. For those that know my sunroom it has horrible wood paneling on the walls, so I thought painting it a nice cream couldn't look any worse. I also bought some cube shelving from Fantastic furniture and some fab hot pink and lime green drawer type things to put in it. I am also going to head back to the paint shop to find something to paint over the tiles as they are horrible too.

I took some before photos (of course) so watch this space, I am going to be a busy bee getting this all finished before NYE when my friends will be decending upon me. Will put up the "before" photos soon.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Too many photos

I have been scrapbooking tonight doing more and more of my Honeymoon album. So far 64 pages done, but am getting a bit bored with it so thought I would cruise the blogs to see what my friends have been up to lately.

I am concerned that I could have the same amount of pages to go, we did take 14 GB of photos on the trip and I have culled and culled and then printed them and culled again. I need an album that is going to fit all these pages in, but I fear it could be a 2 or 3 album series.

I got a bit of inspiration from Inspired Blueprints with their latest sketch so might have a little break from basic holiday pages and do something more creative.

I am dreading the weekend, need to plant another new garden before my plants die in their pots, prepare the yard for turf, i am sure that means I will be on the end of the shovel and I would love to get my new clothes line up, only got it for Xmas last year or was it the year before, I can't remember.

I dream of a weekend where I don't have to work in the yard and can relax and enjoy the new facilities.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Almost a Backyard

We have been very busy every weekend over the last few weeks getting the new driveway prepared for the concrete to be poured and finally it is in. The mud and mess in the backyard was almost getting unbearable as we couldn't even step outside without bringing mud back into the house. It was impossible to keep the house clean throughout all this.
I have also planted a whole stack of plants into 1 new garden. I was trying to design the mini Mondo into a heart shape but, Jamie mentioned it looked like a fanny, so the "Love" garden has now been renamed the "Muff" garden.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Yesterday was weigh-in day and I managed to crack 10kg's lost. It has been a hard to keep up the motivation and balance between socialising, alcohol, take-away, excercise and healthy eating. The next 10kgs I would like to get off before Xmas so might have to cut back the socialising between now and then.

Also an update on the shed, we have just finished pouring the last of the concrete for the driveway. By this weekend everything will be functioning as per normal, as normal as can be for our life. Now we can work on doing some gardening and landscaping, decorating and the finishing touches.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

A day at the Races

Melbourne Cup at Kembla Grange was a fun day out, Colette and I dressed up the Ponies (Blackie & Sammy) and took them out for a run.

It was nice to dress up and pop on a hat and have a fun day in the sun. A few champas and nibblies was relaxing. I couldn't manage to back a winner, in fact I backed Donkey's all day, first 2 races I picked the horse that came last. I did manage to pick up a little mystery box triffecta to redeem a couple of dollars, which I soon re-invested with no more luck all day.

Somehow Kembla Grange managed to run out of champagne and the lines for the drinks were horrific, but all in all a pretty good day.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Pink Pink Pink

I was finally able to secure some Pre-sale tix to the Pink Concert in June next year. She was so awesome last time I really really wanted to secure tickets before they went on sale to the general public. So dancefloor mosh pit here we come.

Back on Track

Well I had a few relaxed weeks on the old Healthy Eating plan and put on and lost a couple of KG's, but finally this week I lost another 0.5kg. I have to stay on track if I want to get to my 20kg Christmas goal.
I am still excercising as though I will be competing in another Rowing event in Geelong in Feb, which will keep me motivated, the only thing that will stop me from going to this event is if I fall pregnant.
Hope all my other weightloss friends are going good with their goals.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Moving into the Shed

Well all the talk is finally almost over the shed is complete, we have lights and we moved some stuff in. We spent the weekend finishing a few coats of paving paint on the floor and stacking the shelves with all the crap that we had in the house (that should live in the shed). Not long now before I will be scheduling in a scrap night for all the girls.

This coming week we are going are getting started on a new driveway to really finish off the shed (and allow us to get into it, it's a bit like a bullock track at the moment).

Tonight we had both sets of parents come over to christen the entertaining awning. It was so lovely to be able to sit and relax undercover and to finally dig out the table, chairs and BBQ. We cooked up some chicken, marinated in lemon and olive-oil, some steak, sausages and a nice salad. I also whipped up some apple crumble for dessert. It was tops, I can't wait to have a few champas or margarita's out under the awning.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Row, row, row your boat!

Well Friday saw me heading off to Melbourne for a spot of shopping and the Australian Indoor Rowing Championships.

An early start we were on the 8am flight, my friend Naama picked us up and we headed for a little pamper at the Nailbar with a pedicure and afterwards a spot of lunch and a drop of wine at the local Pub. The Caulfield Cup was on the next day so we put a couple of bets on to try out luck. Later we headed to Chadstone shopping centre so Colette could find herself a Fascinator for Melb Cup day.

Friday night we caught up with Ian our personal trainer and his wife Viv and had a nice meal at an Italian restaurant in St Kilda.

Saturday morning we got up and headed of to Caulfield Grammar School the scene of the rowing event. I had 3 events to compete in, the first was a 4 minute event, where you see how far you can row in the 4 mins.

Last year I did 997 m so my goal this year was to crack the 1000 metres. Thankfully I did a PB and did 1012 metres and came 8th out of 13. Next event was the relay where we had to row 4x500m, we did a really good time and came 7th out of 12 teams and beat the team that won last year.

Last event was the 2000m event and this was hell on a rower, the afternoon sun had heated up the Gym to ridiculous temperatures, my mouth was dry before I started and it only got worse. My goal was to beat last years time which was 8min 58 sec, I got 8min 44 sec, so I had achieved another PB.

No medals for me this year, but the competition was stiff. Our team of 10 came home with a few medals though.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Sad Day

Mum just called me this morning to say they had to put my old horse down.

Comet has been in the family for over 25 years. We estimate he was 35 years old, the same age as me. Everyone in our family has ridden and competed on him over the years. He has been retired for about 10 years and has enjoyed a life of luxury roaming with the cows at the farm. He was not well earlier this year and we didn't think he would make it through the winter. But with a bit of TLC he bounced back. 35 is a really good age for a horse, normally they live to about 25-30 so he was a ripe old age.

I remember 1 day when I was only about 12 or 13 when I was at Pony Club Camp and we were doing showjumping and Comet dumped me off about 6 times in 1 day. I think he taught me the "tuck-n-roll" that day.

He was a great horse and everyone loved him. I have many great memories with him.

Friday, October 10, 2008


Well it is only 1 week to go before I head off to Melbourne for the Australian Indoor Rowing Championships. I just had a really good training session this morning, I had to do 3 x 1 klm rows with a 5 minute rest in between, well not really a rest but a cool down on the spin bike. My first try I beat my PB time by about 15 seconds and then my next 1 I beat again and then the final row I beat by about 1-2 seconds which is a bit of a feat as the muscles were really starting to fade in the last 1.
I am feeling a lot more confident this year and am heaps fitter and should do better times, hopefully come home with a couple of medals but as long as I get PB's I will be happy.
It will also be nice to have a few relaxing days in Melbourne, perhaps for a spot of shopping and I hear Paperiffic is in town so will have to find out where that is on and go for a bit of a look.

Monday, October 6, 2008

What "Rachael" Means

You are wild, crazy, and a huge rebel. You're always up to something.
You have a ton of energy, and most people can't handle you. You're very intense.
You definitely are a handful, and you're likely to get in trouble. But your kind of trouble is a lot of fun.

You are usually the best at everything ... you strive for perfection.
You are confident, authoritative, and aggressive.
You have the classic “Type A” personality.

You are very open. You communicate well, and you connect with other people easily.
You are a naturally creative person. Ideas just flow from your mind.
A true chameleon, you are many things at different points in your life. You are very adaptable.

You are truly an original person. You have amazing ideas, and the power to carry them out.
Success comes rather easily for you... especially in business and academia.
Some people find you to be selfish and a bit overbearing. You're a strong person.

You are friendly, charming, and warm. You get along with almost everyone.
You work hard not to rock the boat. Your easy going attitude brings people together.
At times, you can be a little flaky and irresponsible. But for the important things, you pull it together.

You are relaxed, chill, and very likely to go with the flow.
You are light hearted and accepting. You don't get worked up easily.
Well adjusted and incredibly happy, many people wonder what your secret to life is.

Never a Dull Moment

From 1 extreme to another, last weekend very uneventful, this weekend started with some drama.

Jamie and I were planning a weekend down the coast at his parents holiday house, just the 2 of us for 2 nights and then some friends coming to stay for 1 night. We were planning to leave at about 3pm Friday afternoon. About lunchtime Jamie called to say a tree had fallen down at his parents place (they are overseas at the moment) and all the cows were out in the neighbours property. So he headed over to sort out the dilema. Turns out it was about a 60ft tree right across the fence. So chainsaws out and he cleans up the tree, mends the fence and gets the cows on the right side of the fence. He had the help of his brother and his 2 nephews. When heading back to the house he was in his dad's 4wd ute and spun it out in the mud and ROLLED it. Jamie and his brother and the 2 kids were all in the car without seatbelts on as they were just in the paddock.

At about 3pm I get a call to tell me that they have just crawled out from the overturned vehicle, but everyone is ok. So I left the office to go and make sure and thankfully apart from a few bumps and bruises everyone was ok. They all went to the doctors to be sure. The car I would say is totalled.

Jamie had to call the folks in Malaysia to tell them what had happened, they were ok, just thankful that everyone was alright.

So despite all of this we packed up a few hours late and headed down the coast for a nice relaxing weekend at Sanctuary Point. Saturday we drove further down the coast past Bateman's Bay to visit Jamie's Uncle Reg, I had never met Reg's wife because they own a Motel, she always stays there to manage the place, so it was good to finally meet. We also caught up with Jamie's cousins and we all had a nice lunch and then headed back.

Sunday Adam and Checka arrived and we hung out at and played Wii games, I am totally addicted, my brother and his wife and kids popped over for lunch and it was an arguement who got to play first.

After the kids left we played heaps of games. Checka and I were playing Olympics and Wii Sport til about midnight and our arms were killing. Then Sunday Checks and I went for a paddle on the Surfski's around the bay for a bit and then went back to play Wii. Like I said I am totally addicted. We played Tennis, golf, bowling and baseball and Mario Kart. I thought people were joking when they said playing this gives them sore muscles, but I am, as I type this, aching all over, arms, shoulders, back, abs, it is CRAZY. I am getting 1 of these and Wii Fit as well, I think this would spice up my excercise routine.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Boring Weekend

What a dull and boring weekend I had. Friday night I was supposed to go to Kims to do some scrapbooking, but mum and dad called and wanted to come down for dinner and a catch-up, and have a look at the shed we went to Outback Steakhouse, the place was packed and the ribs and sweet potato were awesome. It was a good night.

Saturday I had to work for a few hours at Corrimal Shopping Centre and finished there with a major grocery shop including, butcher, baker and fruit and veg, took me hours. Got home to find Jamie on a mini-excavator digging a trench for the electricity to be connected to the shed, so I got on the shovel to help clear the trench, damn hard work and our driveway is now well and truly trashed.

Well today (Sunday) I had to work yet again at the Bridal Expo at Rydges hotel. The day started quite busy, then went pretty quiet, so it was a little boring with 3 of us sitting around and no people coming through. When I finished there at 3.30 I came home and worked in the yard for an hour before going to my personal trainer for a session. He had me do 3 x 3klm rows, plus warm up and cool down, so I did over 10 klms. To say this was the funnest part of my weekend was sad but true.

I cooked a lamb roast on Sat night so we had left over roast for dinner, still good second time around. Made our lunches for tomorrow and sat down to watch TV.

Dull boring uneventful weekend. I am looking forward to a long weekend off next weekend, with no work, no buggarising around the backyard, a nice relaxing weekend down the coast with Jamie.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

On Target

I am hopefully on target for my 20kg weight loss goal before Christmas. 13 kgs to go and 13 weeks til Christmas. Santa could buy me some new clothes then.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Dad's 60th Birthday

We had a great party for Dad's 60th at their house in Camden, 70 of his closest friends and family were in attendance for the BIG Event.

It was a great night, I did a slideshow for him like the 1 I did for the wedding, I was very proud of it but had a technical glitch when I tried to play it and the sound wouldn't go via the stereo, an important part of the show was the musical and sound files I had added to the production with music from Star Wars, Indiana Jones and James Bond plus many more. We had to play the sound from the laptop which was dismal due to the number of people in the room and as soon as someone laughed then nobody could hear the rest of the sound. Anyway these things happen. I made Dad and everyone who was still around on Sunday watch it again on the big TV downstairs so that everyone got the full effect of the music.

The roasting he got from many of his friends was great, some of his friends he has had since before Kindy and in his early years of school. Plus many good friends he has made in later years of his life. Mum said a very heartfelt speech, they are still sooo IN LOVE.

There was a special guest in Frank Bobo who is an 80 year old retired Master Distiller from Jack Daniels in Tennesee, he was staying with some friends of Dad's so they brought him to the party. Some of the boys got their collectors bottles of Jack signed (aparently this increases the value of the bottles by about 40%).

The Broome Family L to R; Rachael and Jamie Griffin, Mum and Dad, Jamie and Janet Broome, Aunty Marilyn Broome and FRONT; Isaac, Kenny and Lauren.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Hooroo to Uluru

After a busy day yesterday of touring around the Olgas and Uluru we stupidly decided that we would get up before sunrise to watch the sun come up and the ever changing colours of The Rock. We had discovered last night that it was actually almost the same price to fly from Ayers Rock to Alice Springs as it was to hire a car and drive or catch a coach, so we booked some flights and cancelled the hire car. Luckily we didn't tackle the 5 hour drive after getting up at sunrise as we were both really tired. Anyway because we were flying now we had an unopened bottle of champas in the fridge that had to be drunk because we couldn't take it on the plane, so we celebrated our Sunrise with a glass or 2 of bubbly at 6.30am. So we said "Hooroo to Uluru" and jumped on a 23min flight to Alice to meet up with our friend Maxine. She was so excited to see us but because she was at work we couldn't stop for long so we took her car and came back to her place for a little siesta. We are just about to head out and explore Alice Springs, our friendly taxi driver from the airport gave us a stack of brochures and things to do. I have taken stax of photos so here are a couple from this mornings events.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Good morning from Uluru

We arrived yesterday at Ayers Rock Airport, had a few celebratory Champagnes upon arrival at our Hotel. A strange thing we have found out about NT liquor laws is there is a take-away limit of 1 bottle of wine per person per day. We had scheduled in the Sounds of Silence Dinner which was a beautiful sunset dinner overlooking the Ayers Rock and the Olgas, champagne was plentiful and we had an array of different foods including Wild Kangaroo skewers, croc ceasar salad, wild barramundi and the best lamb cutlets I have ever had, not to mention the desserts and port to finish off. Today we are about to head off to walk around, well not all the way around, Ayers Rock and this afternoon we are doing a tour out to the Olgas. We tried to schedule in a session at the spa in our 2 hour window between tours but unfortunately that didn't work.

Sunday, August 24, 2008


Today was bizzare. I had a phone call a few days ago from a lady who bought my horse almost 15 years ago, we have kept contact over the years and I usually get a Christmas Card and some photos every now and then. But she called to tell me they were going to be in Camden over the weekend. So I got to see my beloved horse Mick. I almost cried when I saw him, he was the last horse I had when I stopped riding and we had done a lot together including riding at the Sydney Royal Easter Show. The owners Lex and Jose have had him for nearly 15 years and treat him like a pet and now he rounds up cattle at the campdrafting events. He didn't look as glamorous as when he was going to the shows but he look fit and well and loved. They offered me a ride which I jumped at, however I was not as nimble as I used to be and getting up proved to be quite difficult. Once aboard the nostalgia kicked in and it felt like the good old days. Jamie said the horse groaned under my weight and that his legs were buckling, haha, not funny. We discussed his little quirks which haven't changed and we bid farewell. I don't know when or if I will see him again, but it was a great feeling.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

The Concrete Slab is Poured

It was touch and go today for the concrete pour. Friday weather didn't look promising so we were woken up by our Concretor at 5.30am for a weather report (he lives near Campbelltown). Jamie told him "it looks ok, I see blue sky", I personally wasn't that confident but he was prepared to come and give it a go.

Well the day did fine up nicely and we got the huge slab poured, this was 1 big job that we needed done so we could start building the shed.

We signed our names and date into the slab when it was a bit wet and Jamie got me to do a Toyota jump on the slab when it was dry. Not the most flattering look, but very funny.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Weightloss Ticker

I am posting this so it is in public view, making me more accountable for my weightloss. I know my dear friends will support me on this. I have just set a goal of 20 kgs before Christmas. I know it will be hard but worth it. Anyone want to join me?

Monday, August 11, 2008

More on the Shed

Well the weekend was spent with a lot of equipment in the yard and people coming and going. All for the damn shed. It is turning out to be a bit of a nightmare, but hopefully worth it in the end.
Saturday we had Jamie's mates over driving the excavator moving dirt around and generally tidying up the site ready for the new slab. We also had the Dingo which was lots of fun, especially when Jamie showed me how to do wheelies with it. Even mum had a go on it.
Most of Saturday for me was spent driving the dump truck, I was renamed "DumpGirl" oh what a flattering name and outfit and hairdo I had. My friend Colette was my "winggirl" and came for a few runs out to Jamie's parents place where we were getting rid of the stuff. She said we looked like Lesbians cruising in the truck, especially the first trip when she brought her little dog Eric for a ride. Eric only came on 1 trip because he nearly got eaten literally by Jamie's parents german shepherd, funny now but not at the time.
Sunday we spent digging holes for the piers, anyone would think we were building a mansion with the amount of engineering that has to go into this slab. And mum and I doing trips to Kennards because the boys thought we didn't have the right size thingy to dig the hole, I think it is called an Auger (don't know if that is spelt right). I am becoming way to familiar with machine names, when I call it the "digger thingy" Jamie corrects me and says "no dear that is an excavator", whatever is all I say. Once this is all over my workboots are getting packed away for a while, along with my work gloves and hardhat.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Biggest Loser

Jamie and I have been thinking about trying out for The Biggest Loser this year, they are looking for couples, my concern is obviously if we were selected how would both of us take time off work, especially not having any staff to run my business if I was the chosen one.
I have been checking out The Biggest Loser club online and after reading all the emails I kept getting and investigating the site I decided to join. What a phenomenal website, it is even better than I thought. Yesterday I got my weekly program which said I should eat 2000 calories per day to lose 1/2 kg per week. I decided to adjust it to 1600 calories per day which should allow me to lose 0.9kg per week. You can go to your program, print your weekly shopping list, deleting any items you already have before you print, select how many people you are catering for and away you go.
This is the easiest way to track calories I have ever seen and I have seen a lot as well as designed my own Excel spreadsheet.
The most horrendous part of the process was taking a photograph in my underwear, now we all look in the mirror but looking at that photo was a huge reality check, front and side, I was to scared to take a rear shot, Jamie did his as well, neither were very pretty. It is amazing what you can hide with clothes.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Shed is Coming Down

The weekends of hard work have paid off with our backyard now a clean canvas. Pulling down a 3 car garage was a good challenge. We had some help from Jamie's nephews, Michael and Hayden, how many kids get permission to throw rocks at windows or smash a hammer through it, we all had a bit of fun smashing the glass, cleaning it up wasn't fun though.
The demolition was injury free until we started recycling some of the timber from the shed and pulling huge nails out of it. I was pulling a nail with a J-bar and it slipped off the nail and I smacked myself in the head with pointy end of the bar. I saw stars, I thought for sure there would be blood, but no, my head swelled into a giant egg, my darling husband grabbed me some ice and I promptly growled at him for using the wrong ice. Then he proceeded to go to his car and come back with a hard-hat. So I put my hard-hat on and went back to work. I had a very tender head for a few days.

Monday, July 7, 2008

"Not" our Anniversary

Today is the 1st Anniversary of the day Jamie proposed. 07/07/07 and coincidentally at 7am. Well it was 9am in Auckland where he proposed but 7am Sydney time, I remember because I thought I had better wait til a bit later to start calling and messaging people. It brings back fond memories as he tricked me into looking out off the balcony of our hotel and when I turned around to tell him I couldn't see anything he was down on 1 knee with my ring in his hand and a cute little smile. It was perfect.

We have agreed that we only have 1 anniversary so all others must be void from my memory, the anniversary of the day we met and this anniversary of the day he proposed. Such an easy date to remember, can't we have 2.

Friday, July 4, 2008

Working Week

This week has seen some very positive outcomes for my business. I have finished my submission for Illawarra & South Coast Local Business Awards, Kim came and took this and other photos, the awards night is on in a couple of weeks and I am looking forward to that. Then I also decided to nominate for Business Champion which is a NSW wide award, I will find out if I am a finalist in this over the coming weeks.

Then today I was asked by my head office to do an interview for Mortgage Business magazine and she said it is only going to be a small full page article. So I will be published in the August edition.

So with all the work I have done this week, I think that means it's time to go home and do some scrapbooking.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Cleaning out the Shed

We are in the process of demolishing our current and very old 3 car garage to build a nice new colourbond shed right across the back of our land. In order to do this we have to move things and get rid of a lot of stuff. Finally the council plans have been verbally approved, just waiting on the paperwork to arrive.

In honour of the council finally getting their act together I decided to have a garage sale on Saturday. Jamie was off early to Paintball which left me to do it alone. I called for reinforcements and Aunty Marilyn came and brought some of her stuff as did a few of my friends, Colette and Tanya. The day was moderately successful and I sold a few hundred dollars worth of stuff, but when I looked in the shed there was still waaay to much stuff left. The decision was made to get up bright and early (5am) to take the leftover stuff to Dapto Markets. So we packed up the trailer with all our wares and I convinced Aunty M to stick around and come with me.

Well what a bizzare morning we had, arriving at the markets shortly after 6am to a stack of vultures with their torches and headlamps sticking their noses in the trailer and frantically asking what sort of stuff we had. I felt like telling them where to go - but I was still in a bit of shock at how they were carrying on. Someone mentioned that some of our books were stolen while we were unpacking. I was worth the effort and we packed up about 11.30 and headed home with about 1/2 of the stuff we came with so it was a good day. Next time I will be better prepared.

We still have a bit more stuff to get rid of but we are a lot closer to calling in the demolition team to get this project underway.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Work Sucks

Today I had to have a meeting with Danny who works with me to "Let him go" a very sad day as we get along really well and he has supported the business while he has been here, but unfortunately with the market as it is at the moment and him not bringing in any of his own leads the time has come. Back to the 1-woman show. I must say I have been putting this off for a while and a bit of stress has been relieved now that the "talk" is over. Danny said it seemed like we were breaking up, which was a little how it felt.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

A Happy Day

Today I had a very nice phone call from the Illawarra and South Coast Small Business Awards to advise me that I had been voted in as a Finalist. The next step is to prepare a submission and photos as well as someone Mystery Shopping me, so I better keep on my game. Also need to give the office a little tidy up as they also judge you on clean windows and work area. I must say first job tommorrow is decluttering my desk. Just wanted to share that with you all. Oh and if anyone is free the Awards night is Wed 16th July in Wollongong, I will give you more details as soon as I get my pack.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Scrap Camp

I went to Vision Valley Scrapbooking Camp at Arcadia on the weekend, had a great time catching up with my friends who I really only see twice a year at these camps. I am pleased to say I didn't by any more scrapbooking supplies until about 5 mins before the shop started packing up and all I bought was page protectors (an essential item), so I was very please that I used all my current supplies.

I was scrapping my Honeymoon photos and have only just gotten through the first week which was Las Vegas and part of the second week which was Huntington Beach. I fear I will be doing this album for many more months if not years. I think from memory I did 23 pages so far, so it will be a monster album.

I even took my laptop and printer to the camp so I could journal as I went but silly me forgot to take the cable that connects the printer to the computer. Luckily another girl brought a printer which had the same cable so I borrowed that off her and was able to finish my pages.

I also had a pampering, so instead of spending money on scrapbooking, I spent money on me and had a facial, a pedicure and a massage, so I came home all relaxed.

The next camp for those who are interested is at Wisemans Ferry on 20th & 21st September, I have already booked in for that, it is only $125 and they really look after you with home cooked meals. Accomodation is not luxurious but the area where you scrap is awesome with a big fireplace and you can stay up as long as you want. (I have been known to pull an alnighter at these camps)

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Bad Blogger

This blogging thing is harder than it looks, you actually have to remember to write something, otherwise your blog will suck.

Well what have I been up to lately.

Saw Sex in the City on Friday night with Lisa and Alicia, it was tops, I really enjoyed it, I laughed a lot, almost cried and was reasonably happy with how it ended. I would highly recommend it to anyone even if they weren't a huge fan of the TV series.

Caught up with Maxine on the weekend she has been away in Alice Springs working with Centrelink and I hadn't seen her since the Wedding in Feb, so it was great to catch up. Cindy had a gathering at her place and we had a few drinks and nibbles and a bit of Bon Jovi, it was great, and my head was thanking me the next morning for us deciding not to go out to the 80's band at Rooty Hill RSL.

This morning was my second week back with my personal trainer, I had only lost 0.5kg this week which was very depressing as I have have been really good this week compared to my normal eating, (except for the night mentioned above). Although I hadn't done any excercise homework. I trained with Colette today and my trainer Ian made me stay longer and ended up doing an hour and a half. He had Colette and I boxing as if we were in a bar room brawl, really funny, I had to punch her mits and then, his mits and then back and forth, picture the movie Roadhouse (but not really). We started pretending we were fighting over a man and then it was like, this is too hard you can have him. lol. So then we pretended to fight over champagne, well then it was on, you can have the man, but don't touch the Champagne. Such a fun training session. So now we are going to get together on our own to do some mid-week training as we are both a little bit unfit.

I am getting stuck back into my training for the Indoor Rowing Championships in October in Melbourne, providing I don't fall pregnant between now and then, this is my plan.

Work has been weird lately, 1 day very quiet the next flat out, today was pretty busy and I would have got a lot more done if my darling husband didn't spend half the day chatting to me on MSN, I will have to cut him off if he continues.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Monday Monday

Today was a pretty productive day given the huge weekend I had.

Lets start with the weekend, Friday night we went to see Indiana Jones at Gold Class Cinema, with my brother and his wife, I bought them tickets because Janet did about 4 hair trials and my hair for the wedding and I didn't have to pay for the trials, so I wanted to do something for them. They were Gold Class virgins, so I think I have spoilt them.

Saturday I nagged at Jamie to sort some stuff out in the shed so I can take it to the markets to sell and also to clean out the shed because it is getting demolished soon, we found some boxes that hadn't been looked at for 3 years, so I obviously hadn't been nagging nearly enough over the years.

Sat night we caught up with 2 of my Bridesmaids - Kristy and Maryanne and Kristy's mum Cheryl for a combined birthday bash at Mykonos greek restaurant in Parramatta, it was a good night, they played some really traggic music which I loved and after too many bottles of champas and a few bourbons and a bit of a pub crawl to finish we stumbled in at 4am.

Sunday I was feeling a bit worse for wear, I was running late to my Mum's birthday which I don't think went down well considering I was picking up the food for lunch and the kids and everyone was starving. Anyway once we eventually got there it was a good day.

Finally got home on Sunday and crashed on the lounge for a few hours and slept right through dinner and then crawled into bed. I seriously thinking I am getting too old for partying.

When will my life ever slow down. I said this to Jamie the other day and he said that I have to start saying "NO" to all the social events that we get invited to, but how do you pick and choose what to go to and what to skip out on.

At work today I started on a new business plan for the new financial year and called a few clients and tidied my office so I can be more productive.

I was going to relax at home tonight but since I have a scrapcamp coming up soon I had to get the laptop out and sort out some of the photos that we took on the honeymoon, I have culled and culled again and then I will leave it for a day or 2 then I will go and cull them again. I am trying to get it down to about 50-70 photos per group/place we went, some are easier than others.

Well it is now after midnight so I better head for bed so I can get up and excercise in the morning, my Honeymoon spread is not going away on it's own.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

My First Blog

Resistance is futile, I have avoided Blogging for sooo long now, it has gotten the better of me. Perhaps it is that Facebook is boring me, MySpace freaks me out, so it is time to move on. So here is my very first Blog. I blame Cass for this as it was her Blog link that got me here in the first place. I may not be a frequent blogger but I will try and keep everyone up to date.