Sunday, August 24, 2008


Today was bizzare. I had a phone call a few days ago from a lady who bought my horse almost 15 years ago, we have kept contact over the years and I usually get a Christmas Card and some photos every now and then. But she called to tell me they were going to be in Camden over the weekend. So I got to see my beloved horse Mick. I almost cried when I saw him, he was the last horse I had when I stopped riding and we had done a lot together including riding at the Sydney Royal Easter Show. The owners Lex and Jose have had him for nearly 15 years and treat him like a pet and now he rounds up cattle at the campdrafting events. He didn't look as glamorous as when he was going to the shows but he look fit and well and loved. They offered me a ride which I jumped at, however I was not as nimble as I used to be and getting up proved to be quite difficult. Once aboard the nostalgia kicked in and it felt like the good old days. Jamie said the horse groaned under my weight and that his legs were buckling, haha, not funny. We discussed his little quirks which haven't changed and we bid farewell. I don't know when or if I will see him again, but it was a great feeling.

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