Friday, July 29, 2011

My Little Escape Artist

What a week it has been with my little monkey aka Houdini. So about a month ago we converted her bed to a cot with side rails because she climbed out with a thud, this was not just a one-off event, as I was away at the time I told Jamie to put her to bed the following night to see how she went and again thud. So getting home that night we did the conversion and so retraining of going to bed had to begin. Instead of having to close her door we decided to put a childproof gate on and when she got out of bed she would still be secure.

So putting her to bed I buckled and just gave her a bottle of milk to make my life easier and so that was our solution most days/nights, but I knew at some point we would have to wean her off this habit.

Last Friday night I invited my friend Kim over for a scrap night and being that it was the weekend I was prepared for a few sleepless nights if necessary to wean her off the milk. So putting her to bed at her normal bed time 7pm, we were sitting on the lounge have a nibble on some pizza and we both see a little shadow at the bottom of the stairs, she had escaped the CHILDPROOF gate, kicked it out and it just popped open, she popped her head around the corner with a cheeky smile and came wandering in like nothing had happened.

Well a lot had happened, the stairs in our house are death defying, steep and tight corner with a really narrow part on the inside, not a very practical handrail and she snuck down without so much as a whisper.

So putting her back to bed re-securing the gate and then locking our 2nd gate at the top of the stairs and I think after the trauma to me I gave her milk and then it was all quiet.

Later in the week Jamie woke at 5am to get ready for work, wandered down stairs and then clicked on the gas heater in the loungeroom and bam, Ella jumps up from her little lounge. We have no idea what time she got down the stairs or what she had been doing when she was down their alone, but again freaked me out.

After dressing her 1 morning I put her on the ground in her room and watched how she made her great escape, she sat on the floor tucked both her toes under the gate, lifted it up and pop it came open, I was astounded, so now when we put her to bed we have to lock her bedroom door until she is asleep and then we open it. Every morning this week (all around 5am) she has made a quick and easy exit from her bedroom and apart from her escapade downstairs (when we forgot to lock the other gate) she comes in to our room and makes sure we know she is up.

Tonight Jamie put her to bed and I hear a horrible scream, she had opened her wardrobe (which must have been only slightly open) and got stuck between her tallboy and the wall of the wardrobe. OMG what will she do next, I think she is giving me more wrinkles.

On a positive note, we have replaced the bedtime milk with just water in a bottle, milk is only allowed in sippy cups and water is allowed in bottles any time day or night, it was time to change things up.

I just hope her week of escaping is over and she gets back in her routine of sleeping til 6-7.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Some scrappy stuff

Well since looking  back on my blog I realised it has been a long time since I shared some layouts, considering most of my readers are probably scrapbookers time to do some sharing. Hubby just got back from Singapore and was under instruction to purchase a new "handbag" Camera, he chose a Fuji Finepix XP30, which is waterproof to 5m, I am still learning how to use it so I used the new camera to take pics of these layouts, it was a little glary from the first sunlight we had seen in over a week but I think it did pretty well.

Hope you all enjoy.

Was trying to use old stock and utilised a leftover sheet of Basic Grey tags.

I have had this kit in my stash for a very long time and had barely looked at it, once I did I realised I could do something with it, and was quite happy with the results. Also used another new Sew Easy head with the stitched hearts on top.

Used some of my stash from Storyboard Kits including some of the tissue paper that was packaging to make the flowers. Also love this picture of my baby, she was just so tired but I had to get a picture of the 2 of us on Mothers Day.

I don't truly understand where these school photographers get their ideas from, I can't comprehend puting a white backdrop, my poor little blondie looks like she is all ears which is not the case. I have procrastinated scrapping these photos for over a year and thought I should just document them and move on, which is what I did.

Love the colours on this layout also love the photos by Beth Tahiri Photography.

Like most people I don't love having my photo taken but as a scrapbooker I know life has to be documented for future generations. I love this family photo. Another layout using the Sew Easy tool by We R Memory Keepers (its not hard to tell what is my new toy).

I thought I was a genious fussy cutting these cotton reels to make bunting (small things amuse me, lol).

Love this pic of my naughty girl, she has a little bit too easy access to my craft area and located a Green Sharpie from my desk, very creative drawing I think.

Used my new Sew Easy head which I used to stitch this bunting, also filled it with paper to make it more colourful.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Harmless Addictions

I saw this today on Pinterest and thought how true ............. the internet ................. mostly harmless ............... but time wasting addiction. My latest addiction (2nd only to Facebook) is Pinterest, those that have it I am sure love it, those on Facebook who don't understand it or have no interest in it hate all the posts that pop up from Pinterest. I have had to stop posting everything I love on Pinterest onto Facebook as I got a little carried away and my husband threatened to "unfriend" me.

I am mostly loving it to get kids party ideas, however I have found some awesome "Quotes" like the 1 above, great ideas for cheaply redesigning my scraproom (watch this space), organising tips and tricks, room designs, books, recipes and just generally awesome stuff, it is so much better than your Internet Favourites because it has the picture of what you loved and then you can still click on the weblink that shows under it to get back to the website that the idea originated from. Fair dinkum genius .......... I love Pinterest.

My other Internet addictions are Ebay, I think of something I want, book, kids toys, party supplies so I just go to Ebay and see if I can find it. Branching out from Ebay is Internet Shopping, because if I can't find what I am looking for on Ebay then I Google it and see if I can find it elsewhere. I mean where would we be without Google.

Well bloggers enough buggerising around on the Internet perhaps it is time to go and play with some of my crafty supplies and do something productive.