Saturday, May 22, 2010

Layouts from Sanctuary Point getaway

Here are a few of the 11 the layouts I completed last weekend at Sanctuary Point. This first 1 is my favourite, I love this picture of Ella sleeping in the car, she is so peaceful.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

More Blogging - my commitment to you

I have made a commitment to blog more often, I think I should be able to manage once a week, part of my reason is I have just applied for my first scrapbooking Design Team at Storyboard Kits run by my friend Lisa Warren, I don't expect any favours but I hope my layouts are good enough. I want to apply for more DT stuff so updating my blog more regularly I think might help.

I am currently at my in-laws holiday house with a bunch of friends having a mini Scrap retreat, it is a fab location on the lake at Sanctuary Point, I am the only 1 awake currently and am about to head up the shops for some fresh bread for breaky. Some of us finished up at 2am and I was up at 7am, where is their dedication, 5 hours is plenty of sleep at a retreat.

I have completed 3 layouts so far including a double layout of the Pink Concert (finally). I am currently working on 2 Easter layouts both 90% complete but had to put them aside last night before bed because I think I lost my mojo, hopefully things will look clearer this morning.

I will share with you the last message I got from my darling husband before he went to bed:
"You know what I was thinking today, I want to grow old with you"

It brought a tear to my eye. XXX