Sunday, September 28, 2008

Boring Weekend

What a dull and boring weekend I had. Friday night I was supposed to go to Kims to do some scrapbooking, but mum and dad called and wanted to come down for dinner and a catch-up, and have a look at the shed we went to Outback Steakhouse, the place was packed and the ribs and sweet potato were awesome. It was a good night.

Saturday I had to work for a few hours at Corrimal Shopping Centre and finished there with a major grocery shop including, butcher, baker and fruit and veg, took me hours. Got home to find Jamie on a mini-excavator digging a trench for the electricity to be connected to the shed, so I got on the shovel to help clear the trench, damn hard work and our driveway is now well and truly trashed.

Well today (Sunday) I had to work yet again at the Bridal Expo at Rydges hotel. The day started quite busy, then went pretty quiet, so it was a little boring with 3 of us sitting around and no people coming through. When I finished there at 3.30 I came home and worked in the yard for an hour before going to my personal trainer for a session. He had me do 3 x 3klm rows, plus warm up and cool down, so I did over 10 klms. To say this was the funnest part of my weekend was sad but true.

I cooked a lamb roast on Sat night so we had left over roast for dinner, still good second time around. Made our lunches for tomorrow and sat down to watch TV.

Dull boring uneventful weekend. I am looking forward to a long weekend off next weekend, with no work, no buggarising around the backyard, a nice relaxing weekend down the coast with Jamie.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

On Target

I am hopefully on target for my 20kg weight loss goal before Christmas. 13 kgs to go and 13 weeks til Christmas. Santa could buy me some new clothes then.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Dad's 60th Birthday

We had a great party for Dad's 60th at their house in Camden, 70 of his closest friends and family were in attendance for the BIG Event.

It was a great night, I did a slideshow for him like the 1 I did for the wedding, I was very proud of it but had a technical glitch when I tried to play it and the sound wouldn't go via the stereo, an important part of the show was the musical and sound files I had added to the production with music from Star Wars, Indiana Jones and James Bond plus many more. We had to play the sound from the laptop which was dismal due to the number of people in the room and as soon as someone laughed then nobody could hear the rest of the sound. Anyway these things happen. I made Dad and everyone who was still around on Sunday watch it again on the big TV downstairs so that everyone got the full effect of the music.

The roasting he got from many of his friends was great, some of his friends he has had since before Kindy and in his early years of school. Plus many good friends he has made in later years of his life. Mum said a very heartfelt speech, they are still sooo IN LOVE.

There was a special guest in Frank Bobo who is an 80 year old retired Master Distiller from Jack Daniels in Tennesee, he was staying with some friends of Dad's so they brought him to the party. Some of the boys got their collectors bottles of Jack signed (aparently this increases the value of the bottles by about 40%).

The Broome Family L to R; Rachael and Jamie Griffin, Mum and Dad, Jamie and Janet Broome, Aunty Marilyn Broome and FRONT; Isaac, Kenny and Lauren.