Thursday, November 27, 2008

Almost a Backyard

We have been very busy every weekend over the last few weeks getting the new driveway prepared for the concrete to be poured and finally it is in. The mud and mess in the backyard was almost getting unbearable as we couldn't even step outside without bringing mud back into the house. It was impossible to keep the house clean throughout all this.
I have also planted a whole stack of plants into 1 new garden. I was trying to design the mini Mondo into a heart shape but, Jamie mentioned it looked like a fanny, so the "Love" garden has now been renamed the "Muff" garden.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Yesterday was weigh-in day and I managed to crack 10kg's lost. It has been a hard to keep up the motivation and balance between socialising, alcohol, take-away, excercise and healthy eating. The next 10kgs I would like to get off before Xmas so might have to cut back the socialising between now and then.

Also an update on the shed, we have just finished pouring the last of the concrete for the driveway. By this weekend everything will be functioning as per normal, as normal as can be for our life. Now we can work on doing some gardening and landscaping, decorating and the finishing touches.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

A day at the Races

Melbourne Cup at Kembla Grange was a fun day out, Colette and I dressed up the Ponies (Blackie & Sammy) and took them out for a run.

It was nice to dress up and pop on a hat and have a fun day in the sun. A few champas and nibblies was relaxing. I couldn't manage to back a winner, in fact I backed Donkey's all day, first 2 races I picked the horse that came last. I did manage to pick up a little mystery box triffecta to redeem a couple of dollars, which I soon re-invested with no more luck all day.

Somehow Kembla Grange managed to run out of champagne and the lines for the drinks were horrific, but all in all a pretty good day.