Saturday, August 11, 2012

More Blogging

Ok so I am a slack blogger, I know, but I think it is because I think my life is so mundane, "Ground Hog Day"(ish), nothing spectacular happening from week to week. I think I find it hard to think of something that people want to read about so I have decided to start a new Blog, it is on-topic about, weight loss, exercise, eating problems etc. It will be launched on 20 Aug 2012, which is exactly 6 months before my 40th Birthday. I have some goals to hit before my birthday so watch this space.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Well blow me down and call me lazy, busy, pre-occupied, addicted to Facebook and Pinterest etc, but it seems my blog has suffered, 7 months since my last post, time to get you up-to-date in the world of the Griffin household.

Where to start, so much has happened so I will give you the highlights of the last few months.

March saw me head off on a well deserved trip to Bali with girlfriends, what a great time we had, shopping, partying, eating, relaxing, talking and laughing, oh the laughter. Some of these girls I have known for over 20 years and although our lives have taken us to live in different places and we have drifted apart geographically, it is amazing when we get together its like it was yesterday.

I truly treasure the days I worked at Cumby (Cumberland Newspaper Group), in a mostly female environment and a relatively high turnover of staff, in my 10 years there I met some amazing people. So the trip to Bali affectionately know as "The Hangover III" was fantastic get together of 12 girls and 1 male (poor Pete), most of whom used to work together and some of their friends.

We stayed in these amazing Villa's in Seminyak, a short walk from the main street of Seminyak, we had a private Chef oncall to go shopping and cook us anything we wanted. Luxurious pools and padded lounges, beautiful staff who looked after us.

Being my first time in Bali, in hindsight there would be some things I would do differently, ie less shopping more pampering and relaxing, but a great time was had by all.

Back to the real world and what better to do than organise something to look forward to, a family trip to Dubbo Zoo.

So on the Thursday before Mothers Day we headed off on a Road Trip to Dubbo.
I pre-purchased tickets to the Zoo through NRMA Membership and got 10% off and also you get a 2nd consecutive day free. This was great so instead of doing 1 monster day at the Zoo and all of us getting tired and whingy we were able to go back on the 2nd day and see our favourite things again and a few of the things that we had purposely left for the 2nd day.

Day 1 we hired an AWESOME golf buggy (the highlight of Hubby's trip) which gives you 3 hours to cruise around the Zoo for the bargain basement price of $69 (a bit steep but pretty cool way to see the animals). I think I was a tad excited about going to the Zoo and we were 7th in line before the gates opened. Because we had pre-booked tickets we raced over to the Buggy hire and we were 1st into the animal enclosures, being that it was a Friday it was really quiet all day and we barely saw more than 5 cars parked with us at any given time.
Favourite animals had to be the Giraffe's, so tall and gentle, beautiful to watch.

Day 2 still super excited this time we were 1st car waiting at the gate, we drove our car around the Zoo instead of getting a buggy so we could go slower (3 hrs in the buggy was just not enough), our favourite animals of the day were the Ring Tailed Lemurs and the Meercats.

We stayed at the Cattlemans Country Motor Inn and about 50m down the road was a caravan park, they had a fenced playground and a big bouncy pillow, I have always wanted to have a go on 1 of those and Ella loves to jump. We wandered over to the Caravan Park and were going to just sneak in and use their facilities, I got the guilts and instead went into the office to ask the lady if she would mind us playing for a little while, as it turned out she was greatful that we asked and was more than happy to let us have a play, a great way to kill some time in the afternoon.

So all round our trip to Dubbo Zoo was great. Tips I would recommend, go on a weekday if you can and don't go in summer (aparently the animals hide out in shady corners), Autumn or Spring is ideal.

So there are the highlights our our last few months, I will do my best not to leave it so long between posts.