Tuesday, February 24, 2009

1st Wedding Anniversary

Today is our 1st Wedding Anniversary and I would have that day over and over again, it was the best. Marrying the love of my life in front of all our friends and family and having a great party to celebrate. Travelling like a Rockstar in the Hummer. Actually keeping a secret from Jamie about the Hummer (I am not a very good secret keeper). Feeling beautiful. Having my dear friends by my side. It was just amazing.

My husband has outdone himself today with a beautiful bunch of flowers arriving at work. Love is a wonderful thing and I don't know what I would do without him.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Big News

chI have the biggest news to tell................. I am pregnant. It is very early days yet but I am estimating that I would be due 18th October. It is exciting yet scary, this means I have to grow up and be all responsible, not sure if I am ready for this but as my doctor keeps telling me I am not getting any younger. I will be 36 next week.

Our parents and family are really excited, it wouldn't surprise me if my mum has been out shopping already.

So life as I know it is about to change beyond repair.

Heaps to Tell

Well it has been a few weeks since I have posted on my BLOG, so here is an update of what has been happening in my world.

30th Jan - I headed off to the Hunter Valley to celebrate my friend Nicky's Hens Weekend. We had a great time starting at Potters Brewery and heading out to 4 different wineries and cheese and chocolate factories and had a really nice afternoon wine tasting and making a few little purchases. Then we headed back to Potters and had a swim with some more wine and cheese'n'crackers. Then we spruced ourselves up to head into the restaurant for dinner, followed by dancing and drinking all night in the nightclub. When the disco closed it was still stifling hot
so we finished up swimming in the pool til about 3am. It was a great weekend and Nicky had heaps of fun and I can't wait to see her on her Wedding Day.

7th Feb I had organised the Cumberland Classified Reunion for people who worked there around 1990-2000. It was a great night with about 50 people coming to catch up with old friends, everyone had a great night even though it was really hot, I guess that was the excuse to drink a little more, haha, to keep cool. It was great to catch up with old friends and I couldn't imagine finding everyone without the help of Facebook, it made it sooo much easier.

I have been really busy at work over the last few weeks, hence no time for blogging, heaps of enquiries from First home buyers, it has been really frustrating because I have been submitting a lot of loans however some of the banks have been so slow getting an answer for my customers has been like bashing my head against a brick wall. Also my new assistant Kylie had a week's holiday scheduled so I was solo for 1 of those weeks. She is back now and it was a relief being able to hand over some of the workload. I am expecting that these enquiries will continue to flow in.