Friday, July 1, 2011

Harmless Addictions

I saw this today on Pinterest and thought how true ............. the internet ................. mostly harmless ............... but time wasting addiction. My latest addiction (2nd only to Facebook) is Pinterest, those that have it I am sure love it, those on Facebook who don't understand it or have no interest in it hate all the posts that pop up from Pinterest. I have had to stop posting everything I love on Pinterest onto Facebook as I got a little carried away and my husband threatened to "unfriend" me.

I am mostly loving it to get kids party ideas, however I have found some awesome "Quotes" like the 1 above, great ideas for cheaply redesigning my scraproom (watch this space), organising tips and tricks, room designs, books, recipes and just generally awesome stuff, it is so much better than your Internet Favourites because it has the picture of what you loved and then you can still click on the weblink that shows under it to get back to the website that the idea originated from. Fair dinkum genius .......... I love Pinterest.

My other Internet addictions are Ebay, I think of something I want, book, kids toys, party supplies so I just go to Ebay and see if I can find it. Branching out from Ebay is Internet Shopping, because if I can't find what I am looking for on Ebay then I Google it and see if I can find it elsewhere. I mean where would we be without Google.

Well bloggers enough buggerising around on the Internet perhaps it is time to go and play with some of my crafty supplies and do something productive.

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