Monday, August 11, 2008

More on the Shed

Well the weekend was spent with a lot of equipment in the yard and people coming and going. All for the damn shed. It is turning out to be a bit of a nightmare, but hopefully worth it in the end.
Saturday we had Jamie's mates over driving the excavator moving dirt around and generally tidying up the site ready for the new slab. We also had the Dingo which was lots of fun, especially when Jamie showed me how to do wheelies with it. Even mum had a go on it.
Most of Saturday for me was spent driving the dump truck, I was renamed "DumpGirl" oh what a flattering name and outfit and hairdo I had. My friend Colette was my "winggirl" and came for a few runs out to Jamie's parents place where we were getting rid of the stuff. She said we looked like Lesbians cruising in the truck, especially the first trip when she brought her little dog Eric for a ride. Eric only came on 1 trip because he nearly got eaten literally by Jamie's parents german shepherd, funny now but not at the time.
Sunday we spent digging holes for the piers, anyone would think we were building a mansion with the amount of engineering that has to go into this slab. And mum and I doing trips to Kennards because the boys thought we didn't have the right size thingy to dig the hole, I think it is called an Auger (don't know if that is spelt right). I am becoming way to familiar with machine names, when I call it the "digger thingy" Jamie corrects me and says "no dear that is an excavator", whatever is all I say. Once this is all over my workboots are getting packed away for a while, along with my work gloves and hardhat.

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