Friday, August 29, 2008

Hooroo to Uluru

After a busy day yesterday of touring around the Olgas and Uluru we stupidly decided that we would get up before sunrise to watch the sun come up and the ever changing colours of The Rock. We had discovered last night that it was actually almost the same price to fly from Ayers Rock to Alice Springs as it was to hire a car and drive or catch a coach, so we booked some flights and cancelled the hire car. Luckily we didn't tackle the 5 hour drive after getting up at sunrise as we were both really tired. Anyway because we were flying now we had an unopened bottle of champas in the fridge that had to be drunk because we couldn't take it on the plane, so we celebrated our Sunrise with a glass or 2 of bubbly at 6.30am. So we said "Hooroo to Uluru" and jumped on a 23min flight to Alice to meet up with our friend Maxine. She was so excited to see us but because she was at work we couldn't stop for long so we took her car and came back to her place for a little siesta. We are just about to head out and explore Alice Springs, our friendly taxi driver from the airport gave us a stack of brochures and things to do. I have taken stax of photos so here are a couple from this mornings events.

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