Sunday, December 21, 2008

Renovation Rescue

Well I said watch this space and here it is, after hours of work my new sCRAP room has taken shape, I emphasize the word CRAP as I seem to have found a lot of that whilst cleaning. Anyway here are some before, during and after photos. I still have a few too hard baskets and a little more sorting to do but I have put all loose pages in albums, and have done a heap of organising. I would still like 1 more shelving unit, which I might get later in the week and have to hem the organza curtains. From having a room that was a makeshift garage and craming all my scrapbooking into the dining room (with a table that we couldn't eat at) to a lovely organised and laid out area. I am really happy with how it has turned out.


Sar said...

Your room looks awesome, Rach!! Good on you. So nice having your own space to scrap in, my scrap room is my sanctuary!


KimA said...

Looks great Rach! Will have to come around and help christen it