Friday, December 5, 2008

Too many photos

I have been scrapbooking tonight doing more and more of my Honeymoon album. So far 64 pages done, but am getting a bit bored with it so thought I would cruise the blogs to see what my friends have been up to lately.

I am concerned that I could have the same amount of pages to go, we did take 14 GB of photos on the trip and I have culled and culled and then printed them and culled again. I need an album that is going to fit all these pages in, but I fear it could be a 2 or 3 album series.

I got a bit of inspiration from Inspired Blueprints with their latest sketch so might have a little break from basic holiday pages and do something more creative.

I am dreading the weekend, need to plant another new garden before my plants die in their pots, prepare the yard for turf, i am sure that means I will be on the end of the shovel and I would love to get my new clothes line up, only got it for Xmas last year or was it the year before, I can't remember.

I dream of a weekend where I don't have to work in the yard and can relax and enjoy the new facilities.

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heyhoewarren said...

Hey're only going to have one honeymoon and it was a good one, so why not fill up 3 albums! I'm so impressed with your ability to put together whole albums in such a short period of time! I can't wait to see it all once its done.