Friday, October 10, 2008


Well it is only 1 week to go before I head off to Melbourne for the Australian Indoor Rowing Championships. I just had a really good training session this morning, I had to do 3 x 1 klm rows with a 5 minute rest in between, well not really a rest but a cool down on the spin bike. My first try I beat my PB time by about 15 seconds and then my next 1 I beat again and then the final row I beat by about 1-2 seconds which is a bit of a feat as the muscles were really starting to fade in the last 1.
I am feeling a lot more confident this year and am heaps fitter and should do better times, hopefully come home with a couple of medals but as long as I get PB's I will be happy.
It will also be nice to have a few relaxing days in Melbourne, perhaps for a spot of shopping and I hear Paperiffic is in town so will have to find out where that is on and go for a bit of a look.

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Cass said...

Good luck with the rowing. :)