Monday, October 6, 2008

Never a Dull Moment

From 1 extreme to another, last weekend very uneventful, this weekend started with some drama.

Jamie and I were planning a weekend down the coast at his parents holiday house, just the 2 of us for 2 nights and then some friends coming to stay for 1 night. We were planning to leave at about 3pm Friday afternoon. About lunchtime Jamie called to say a tree had fallen down at his parents place (they are overseas at the moment) and all the cows were out in the neighbours property. So he headed over to sort out the dilema. Turns out it was about a 60ft tree right across the fence. So chainsaws out and he cleans up the tree, mends the fence and gets the cows on the right side of the fence. He had the help of his brother and his 2 nephews. When heading back to the house he was in his dad's 4wd ute and spun it out in the mud and ROLLED it. Jamie and his brother and the 2 kids were all in the car without seatbelts on as they were just in the paddock.

At about 3pm I get a call to tell me that they have just crawled out from the overturned vehicle, but everyone is ok. So I left the office to go and make sure and thankfully apart from a few bumps and bruises everyone was ok. They all went to the doctors to be sure. The car I would say is totalled.

Jamie had to call the folks in Malaysia to tell them what had happened, they were ok, just thankful that everyone was alright.

So despite all of this we packed up a few hours late and headed down the coast for a nice relaxing weekend at Sanctuary Point. Saturday we drove further down the coast past Bateman's Bay to visit Jamie's Uncle Reg, I had never met Reg's wife because they own a Motel, she always stays there to manage the place, so it was good to finally meet. We also caught up with Jamie's cousins and we all had a nice lunch and then headed back.

Sunday Adam and Checka arrived and we hung out at and played Wii games, I am totally addicted, my brother and his wife and kids popped over for lunch and it was an arguement who got to play first.

After the kids left we played heaps of games. Checka and I were playing Olympics and Wii Sport til about midnight and our arms were killing. Then Sunday Checks and I went for a paddle on the Surfski's around the bay for a bit and then went back to play Wii. Like I said I am totally addicted. We played Tennis, golf, bowling and baseball and Mario Kart. I thought people were joking when they said playing this gives them sore muscles, but I am, as I type this, aching all over, arms, shoulders, back, abs, it is CRAZY. I am getting 1 of these and Wii Fit as well, I think this would spice up my excercise routine.


heyhoewarren said...

well, you did complain that last weekend was boring!! I'm so glad Jamie and co are okay! I hadn't finished reading your post when I saw the pick of the car - very lucky indeed!!

KimA said...

I am so happy to hear that everyone is ok! Looking forward to catching up tomorrow