Thursday, June 12, 2008

Bad Blogger

This blogging thing is harder than it looks, you actually have to remember to write something, otherwise your blog will suck.

Well what have I been up to lately.

Saw Sex in the City on Friday night with Lisa and Alicia, it was tops, I really enjoyed it, I laughed a lot, almost cried and was reasonably happy with how it ended. I would highly recommend it to anyone even if they weren't a huge fan of the TV series.

Caught up with Maxine on the weekend she has been away in Alice Springs working with Centrelink and I hadn't seen her since the Wedding in Feb, so it was great to catch up. Cindy had a gathering at her place and we had a few drinks and nibbles and a bit of Bon Jovi, it was great, and my head was thanking me the next morning for us deciding not to go out to the 80's band at Rooty Hill RSL.

This morning was my second week back with my personal trainer, I had only lost 0.5kg this week which was very depressing as I have have been really good this week compared to my normal eating, (except for the night mentioned above). Although I hadn't done any excercise homework. I trained with Colette today and my trainer Ian made me stay longer and ended up doing an hour and a half. He had Colette and I boxing as if we were in a bar room brawl, really funny, I had to punch her mits and then, his mits and then back and forth, picture the movie Roadhouse (but not really). We started pretending we were fighting over a man and then it was like, this is too hard you can have him. lol. So then we pretended to fight over champagne, well then it was on, you can have the man, but don't touch the Champagne. Such a fun training session. So now we are going to get together on our own to do some mid-week training as we are both a little bit unfit.

I am getting stuck back into my training for the Indoor Rowing Championships in October in Melbourne, providing I don't fall pregnant between now and then, this is my plan.

Work has been weird lately, 1 day very quiet the next flat out, today was pretty busy and I would have got a lot more done if my darling husband didn't spend half the day chatting to me on MSN, I will have to cut him off if he continues.


KimA said...

Some photos would be good too lovey!!

Monica said...

Whoa Rach, cant wait for the next installment.