Monday, June 16, 2008

Scrap Camp

I went to Vision Valley Scrapbooking Camp at Arcadia on the weekend, had a great time catching up with my friends who I really only see twice a year at these camps. I am pleased to say I didn't by any more scrapbooking supplies until about 5 mins before the shop started packing up and all I bought was page protectors (an essential item), so I was very please that I used all my current supplies.

I was scrapping my Honeymoon photos and have only just gotten through the first week which was Las Vegas and part of the second week which was Huntington Beach. I fear I will be doing this album for many more months if not years. I think from memory I did 23 pages so far, so it will be a monster album.

I even took my laptop and printer to the camp so I could journal as I went but silly me forgot to take the cable that connects the printer to the computer. Luckily another girl brought a printer which had the same cable so I borrowed that off her and was able to finish my pages.

I also had a pampering, so instead of spending money on scrapbooking, I spent money on me and had a facial, a pedicure and a massage, so I came home all relaxed.

The next camp for those who are interested is at Wisemans Ferry on 20th & 21st September, I have already booked in for that, it is only $125 and they really look after you with home cooked meals. Accomodation is not luxurious but the area where you scrap is awesome with a big fireplace and you can stay up as long as you want. (I have been known to pull an alnighter at these camps)

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