Friday, July 25, 2008

Shed is Coming Down

The weekends of hard work have paid off with our backyard now a clean canvas. Pulling down a 3 car garage was a good challenge. We had some help from Jamie's nephews, Michael and Hayden, how many kids get permission to throw rocks at windows or smash a hammer through it, we all had a bit of fun smashing the glass, cleaning it up wasn't fun though.
The demolition was injury free until we started recycling some of the timber from the shed and pulling huge nails out of it. I was pulling a nail with a J-bar and it slipped off the nail and I smacked myself in the head with pointy end of the bar. I saw stars, I thought for sure there would be blood, but no, my head swelled into a giant egg, my darling husband grabbed me some ice and I promptly growled at him for using the wrong ice. Then he proceeded to go to his car and come back with a hard-hat. So I put my hard-hat on and went back to work. I had a very tender head for a few days.

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heyhoewarren said...

man, what a difference it makes with the shed down! can't wait to see the new one. I didn't notice any eggs today, so you must be feeling better (lol).