Monday, July 7, 2008

"Not" our Anniversary

Today is the 1st Anniversary of the day Jamie proposed. 07/07/07 and coincidentally at 7am. Well it was 9am in Auckland where he proposed but 7am Sydney time, I remember because I thought I had better wait til a bit later to start calling and messaging people. It brings back fond memories as he tricked me into looking out off the balcony of our hotel and when I turned around to tell him I couldn't see anything he was down on 1 knee with my ring in his hand and a cute little smile. It was perfect.

We have agreed that we only have 1 anniversary so all others must be void from my memory, the anniversary of the day we met and this anniversary of the day he proposed. Such an easy date to remember, can't we have 2.

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heyhoewarren said...

celebrate every anniversary you can - every day is special! and its your job as a good wife, to make him feel bad for forgetting!! lol.