Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Cleaning out the Shed

We are in the process of demolishing our current and very old 3 car garage to build a nice new colourbond shed right across the back of our land. In order to do this we have to move things and get rid of a lot of stuff. Finally the council plans have been verbally approved, just waiting on the paperwork to arrive.

In honour of the council finally getting their act together I decided to have a garage sale on Saturday. Jamie was off early to Paintball which left me to do it alone. I called for reinforcements and Aunty Marilyn came and brought some of her stuff as did a few of my friends, Colette and Tanya. The day was moderately successful and I sold a few hundred dollars worth of stuff, but when I looked in the shed there was still waaay to much stuff left. The decision was made to get up bright and early (5am) to take the leftover stuff to Dapto Markets. So we packed up the trailer with all our wares and I convinced Aunty M to stick around and come with me.

Well what a bizzare morning we had, arriving at the markets shortly after 6am to a stack of vultures with their torches and headlamps sticking their noses in the trailer and frantically asking what sort of stuff we had. I felt like telling them where to go - but I was still in a bit of shock at how they were carrying on. Someone mentioned that some of our books were stolen while we were unpacking. I was worth the effort and we packed up about 11.30 and headed home with about 1/2 of the stuff we came with so it was a good day. Next time I will be better prepared.

We still have a bit more stuff to get rid of but we are a lot closer to calling in the demolition team to get this project underway.

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