Wednesday, September 16, 2009

No more Baby Classes

Well aparently we have been taught everything we need to know about having a baby and keeping it - yeah right.

Last night was our 6th and final week of Pre-natal classes. This week was all about what your baby could look like when it comes out, ranging from Massive cone head, bruises from forceps, splotchy rashes, covered in goo. We watched a video of a lady who had just given birth and she was looking at her baby like it was an alien, it was pretty funny.

We were also introduced to a real baby, Chelsea, 4 days old, cute as a button and her mother looked fantastic, flat stomach about a size 8, huge milky boobs, not at all like she had just had a baby.

I successful managed to apply a nappy and wrap up a new "Stunt baby" this week I received a dark skinned (plastic) baby girl, perhaps to hide the bruises when I drop the baby, but successfully kept baby on my lap the entire time it was required. Louise then said we can put the babies back in the tub, Jamie motioned for me to see if I could sink a hoop by throwing baby from my seat into the tub, a distance of about 2 metres, challenge me, he dares, of course I thought I could do it but decided in the interest of "Stunt baby" that I would get up and place baby carefully back in the tub intstead.

Louise then asked if we had any questions, annoying girl of course, had some, she wanted to know the best feeding pillow to buy and the best baby bath etc etc. She is so annoying. Louise politely said pillow is a personal preference and the bath should be cheap because they are not in it for long, I piped up and said get 1 off ebay and the girl next to me suggested the Ikea baby bath. My mind wandered, aaaah Ikea I was thinking when could I road trip to Ikea to buy a baby bath I don't need and how much other stuff I could come home with at the same time, then I thought about how bad my Cankles would be if I sucessfully navigated all the arrows walking around Ikea for a day. I will have to give this more thought, if they provided a nana scooter with a trailer it could be done.

So final week of baby classes was pretty uneventful. I only have to keep my legs closed until Sunday and then I can birth at Figtree Hospital and I must say I am pretty ready to have this baby soon, don't know how much longer I can keep on waddling around.

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