Monday, October 5, 2009

Oh The Horror

Just under 2 official weeks til my due date, although I am hoping the "Twat" doc will bring me on a little early as I am getting really uncomfortable, irritable and huffing and puffing around the house. Not to mention the swelling in my feet.

The worst is my snoring, OMG it is so bad I have a shocking nights sleep every second night. I must be that tired the other nights that even I can sleep through it. A few weeks ago I thought I would put earplugs in so I didn't wake myself up, but the sound that resinated through my head was like something out of a horror movie, it was like a Freddie Kruger victim screaming and launching me out of sleep. On top of the noise I sometimes feel like I am choking, no matter what position I get in the snoring never ends.

Now my dear friends who have children should have given me a little more of a friendly warning about an internal examination. I am sure someone mentioned it was unpleasant, I was thinking unpleasant like a Pap Smear, hell no I was so wrong, it was horrific, like a piece of timber being rammed up the clacker, I guess the only positive was that it was reasonably quick. Then I hear on the grapevine that most would prefer to give birth than have an internal examination, information that could have been helpful to know LAST WEEK!!!

After that pleasant visit to the doctors he recommended I go for a couple more tests, another Ultrasound and a CT scan on my pelvis. The Ultrasound was to determine how big Peanut is getting and also check on the position of the Placenta which has been a little low in recent scans, well the podgy little thing is now 9lb, 3.95kg, a bonus is that the lady doing the scan said that baby is not big all over, just has a big belly which is pushing the stats up into the 97% range, I say it takes after its Daddy. The placenta is also moving into a better position. The CT scan of my Pelvis was to see if I am going to be able to naturally birth a monster baby as Peanut potentially could be LARGE.

Enough of my gory baby details I will get the results of both test on Wed, and keep you all posted.

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