Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Nearly Time

It is getting so close now to having this baby, I am getting anxious and excited and scared to death. I was a little emotional after leaving the doctors today, because every other time I went it was 'come back next week', this time it was see you Friday at the Hospital, eeek.

I am scheduled for a Ceasarean on Friday 16th October. I have to call the Hospital admissions to check in tomorrow and go for a blood test and it is all systems go.

My concerns with a Ceasar was the ability to drive, lift, do housework (if I chose to) etc. He said I can do whatever I like, he puts no restrictions on his patients. He said if you do something and it starts to hurt, stop doing it and try again in a few days, he said you will feel the pain before it does any damage, obviously this is after a 7 day rest in hospital, not immediately after giving birth. I asked him nicely if he could mention in front of Jamie that housework, laundry and cooking were all off limits for a month or so, he cracked a smile but I don't think he took me seriously. I mean seriously would it kill him to say it, lol.

I have had a bit of a stressful day, mum and dad are trying to go on Holidays and wanted to leave Thursday or Friday, so dad has been ringing every day asking if there is any movement and telling me old wives tale remedies for bringing on the baby early or had I been to the doctors yet and could he give me an exact time of when he would do the procedure and mum asked if he could schedule me in for Thursday instead of Friday. I know they mean well but sorry this baby will come when it is good and ready or the doctor thinks it is well baked to get it out, so Friday it is.

Last week it was Jamie's parents on holidays telling me to cross my legs til they get back. So according to the grandparents I had a 4 day window to give birth, the Griffin's arriving back from Holidays on 12th Oct and my parents wanting to leave on 16th Oct. No pressure but hello this baby was always due on 18th Oct and they have all known about it for a few months now, better planning required from the Grandparents I think.

Well I am guessing this will be my last post before Baby Peanut makes a grand entrance into this world and the next post I promise will have photos and Peanut will HOPEFULLY have a 'real name'.

Oh last thing, anyone want to place bets on Boy or Girl and how much Peanut will weigh. Leave a comment with your guess I will scrounge up a prize for the person who guesses closest to the weight or email


Cass said...

A baby tomorrow. How exciting!!! :D
Wishing you all the best Rach. I know you are in good hands with your doctor.

Oh, and I'll guess at boy weighing 10lb 7oz.

See you at the hospital! *hugs*

KimA said...

ink a boy too Cass! and I am betting big - I have always told you Rach that bub will be over 10 punds. Since Cass said 10/7 - I will say 10lb 5oz!!

Cass said...

Rach, she is beautiful. Such a precious, content little bub. Hope she stays that way! :)