Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Happy "I ate too much Chocolate" Easter Weekend

Hi all in blogland. I have been super busy as usual but here is a quick update on what we have been up to lately.

Well tonight I have just updated my Blog design and layout and title photo, I wanted to simplify and make it more of a classic look.

I had been trying to ramp up my exercise, seeing my trainer twice a week plus doing workouts at home, cycling and occasional swimming, that all stopped last Monday after I took a tumble down the stairs bouncing on my butt down about 5-6 stairs, it was 1.30 am and Ella woke up and I headed downstairs to get her a bottle of water, needless to say I was in a screaming heap halfway down the stairs, at the time I thought I hurt my thumb the worst, bending it backwards to stop me from falling, however upon waking in the morning I realised that my airbags had not deployed and my tailbone was excruciatingly painful. After a visit to the Doc, he established that it could be broken, it could be ligament damage but either way there was not a lot that can be done and therefore an Xray would be pointless. He told me no exercise for 3 months which was devastating, however a week after my fall I am feeling a little better and will assess my pain in a few weeks to perhaps start back with some light exercise.

Ella is now 1.5 yrs old, we measured her height and she is now 78cm tall, she is still tiny and only just fully outgrown her OO size clothes, I keep buying her size 1's thinking she will grow into them but they fall off her, she is slow growing at the moment. I think part of her problem is she is too busy to eat, can't stop playing for food, I am not too concerned the last check-up with the Doc was all good.

Jamie has been working ridiculous hours, sometimes over 60 per week (on the payroll) plus all the non-paid hours spent doing emails, reports and downloading photos and video footage. He has been exhausted, getting up at 4am and sometimes not getting home til after 7pm. He is off on Holiday to Thailand next week for 1 of his best mates Weddings so he will hopefully get some time to relax and enjoy not working.

We managed to have a little bit of family time over the weekend, catching up with our friends Cindy, Jeremy and their little boy Brae who is a couple of months younger than Ella, we joke that they will be getting married when they are older. We had a few nibbles and beverages and a lot of laughs. We also had brunch with my parents and saw Jamie's parents several times over the weekend including Easter Sunday for Ella's 1st Easter Egg Hunt, she was very cute carrying her little basket around.

I am about to increase my work days to 4 per week, the only condition is Ella is coming to work with me on a Thursday and Nanny is going to mind her, we will trial this over the next few months to see how this goes.

Oh and how could I forget that I attended GREAT FRIDAY at Scrapbooking Delights, a full day of scrapbooking, I got there at about 11.30am and after chatting for about an hour I finally started to get my mojo and ended up completing 5 layouts. Here are a couple that I did.


LisaW said...

Welcome back to blogdom Rach!! Love the redesign, and your post!

Lauren said...

Nice blog Auntie Rach
<3 l@ur3n