Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Life is busy

Happy New Year everyone, belated I know but that is how hectic things have been.
My word for the Year is "Positive", keep a positive attitude, not as my husband would say "I am positive that I am negative", I am sincerely going to be more positive this year.

I took some time off (if you could call it that) over Christmas, supposed to be 3 weeks however still had to go into the office every Friday to do the payroll and a few little bits and pieces. The only bonus was I kept Ella out of Daycare for the 3 full weeks and got to take her to work with me. Very distracting hearing her running wild through the house, but aparently she was all under control with Hillbilly Nana (affectionate name for Nana Griffin who is learning the Banjo).

We took some time to head down the coast to the Holiday house and enjoy time with our friends Adam and Checka and stayed there over New Year. Checka and I saw in the new year playing Greed (an awesome Dice Game) and Wii Smartypants, laughed a lot, drank a few champas and margaritas, had a good time, while the boys did there thing playing on computers (NERDS).

We enjoyed some time at the beach, Ella played in the sand for the first time with buckets and spades etc and had a ball, we dug her out a little wading pool in the sand and she splashed around until we got bored and hot.
Ella had an un-natural attraction to the microwave which was just at her height and we had to turn it off at the power and remove all internal workings because she just couldn't keep away, almost every toy we took had a turn at hiding in the microwave. She also hid her shoe in the garbage bin, found the utensil draw which also deep down hid a big ass knife which she had out before we could stop her. Hence her new nickname Destructo Baby. Sometimes it may be more relaxing to stay home where she has the security of jail gates to keep her safe.
Here are a few pics from our trip including 1 of the monster Kangaroo's which took up residence on the front lawn of the house and frequently visits.
Anyway I am well and truly back to work, Ella is back to her 3 days a week at Daycare and now has meltdown when I drop her off, I blame our 3 weeks of quality time.
My dad and I have been doing a bit of work on my Investment property and it is now ready for sale (first offer came in today, so lets hope they come up a bit and they have a deal).
I have enjoyed a few long day/nights of scrapbooking and I am sure in this mess I call a craft room there are some pages I should share, maybe next time.
Hope everyone had a wonderful Florists and Hallmark day yesterday. I am "positive" Valentines Day is a scam. Love should be all year round.

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