Monday, February 22, 2010

Once a month Blogger

Well as I have been a bit slack, pre-occupied, busy, you name it, it appears that I might become a once a month blogger.

So much has happened and February is always a busy month for us.

I am back into full swing with work doing 3 days a week in the office with miss Ella in Childcare and then 2 days a week fielding calls and emails from home whilst taking Ella to swimming, library, shopping or whatever other event we have planned on our 2 days off. Weekends we try and get in some quality family time whilst doing the mundane chores like the never ending lawnmowing, washing and tidying up as well as socialising.

Valentines day was Ella's Christening, we ventured up to the Church in Camden where we were married and then back to our place for a roast meal, it was a lovely day although I was a little stressed out getting the food organised, sorting Ella out and making sure we got some good photos and trying to get her to have a little bit of sleep. It all worked out in the end even with the rain. The kids didn't seem to mind the wet weather and the day ended with a super soaker fight with my nephew Isaac and the kids next door, it was amusing to watch. A big thanks to all my friends and family for their help with the day and all the beautiful presents she got.
My little angel looked beautiful in her little Christening dress.

So until next month..........

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KimA said...

Nice pictures Rach ;o)