Sunday, March 28, 2010

Retreat Review

Well I have just gotten back from a Scrapgirls Retreat at Castlereagh (Penrith). My first night and weekend away from Ella. First things first I got through 15 layouts and 6 pages for Ella's mini 8x8 album. 2 of my pages were chosen as winning layouts. 1 was their kit challenge and the other was a 45 minute challenge, where you get 10 mins to prepare what photos and papers etc you are going to use and then 45 mins to do the layout and I must say some of my best work under pressure, it really helps to have a cute subject and good photos (both my winning layouts had photos by Kim Arnold).

My mission was to not spend any money in the store at the Retreat and use all the product new and old that I already had in my stash, for that reason I took heaps of stuff with me. I succeeded (mostly) I was only tempted by $0.50 American Craft pens and bought 8 of those for a total shop spend of $4 plus a few cans of coke etc for $6, so only $10 out of pocket. I was happy with that.

Daddy and Ella had a great bonding weekend, baby was well fed, clothed, clean and happy, house like a bomb had hit, despite the cleaning lady coming Friday. But it didn't really matter, the chance to get away to scrap for 3 days and 2 nights is worth coming home to baby bottles, baby food and toys everywhere and clothes still on the line. Daddy is sitting next to me saying how tired he is. I missed them both like crazy, thank goodness for mobile phones and MMS pics arriving all weekend.

Well here are a few of my layouts that I did over the weekend, not photographed all that well but I guess you get the idea.

This was my "Winning" 45 min Challenge layout.

This was my winning layout from the Challenge Kit we received.

These 2 layouts above and below are for the Scrapbooking Delights facebook Sketch Challenge

So it appears that I am keeping my once a month Blogging routine, so until next month, bye.

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