Thursday, August 6, 2009

Baby Shower

What a great day I had on Sat catching up with my friends at Peanut's baby shower. Although it was difficult to spend quality time with everyone, I hope all who attended had fun.

Peanut got soooo many presents, some that Mum-2-be aka Me had a little difficulty working out what to do with it.

Some big thank you's for the day - Lisa for making the cutest little nesty birdy cake and cupcakes, mum for her always delicious sausage rolls and butterfly cakes, Colette for her famous Quiches, Checka for yet more cupcakes, Kim for her healthy platter (personally I never ate any of it but I heard it was good) and also for taking some photos for me and Kristy and Sonia for the help with set up and clean up and everyone else for coming along and especially from Peanut thanks for all the wonderful pressies.

A special mention to the Nanna's-2-be who weren't going to buy anything but wait til after the baby shower to see what we still needed and both ended up buying a truck loan of little bits and pieces, i can only imagine the horror (I mean delight) of how much stuff will come when Peanut finally arrives.

So with only 10.5 weeks to go is anyone game to bet on Boy or Girl?

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LisaW said...

You are welcome! I had a fab time at peanut's baby shower - can't wait to see Kim's photos!! We'll have to get those before the retreat too.