Monday, June 29, 2009

Bring on the Weekend

Well this weekend saw me not doing a great deal of anything productive although I must say I had a very Asian inspired weekend.

This all started with Take-away chinese on Friday night for me and Jamie as we watched a bit of Masterchef (am totally loving that show). Then for lunch the next day was leftover Chinese.

Sat arvo I decided to bake the Scones I saw on masterchef, date and lemon scones. Kim and Cass came over for a spot of scrapping about 3ish in the afternoon and we proceeded to each a few too many scones with a cups of Tea (and I wonder why Jamie calls us nanna's). For dinner we ordered a reasonably health delivery of Thai food. There was (well for me anyway) a lot more chatting than scrapping, but who cares it was good to just chill out and relax. The scones were a hit and they will be making an appearance in the family or favourite recipe book I am making.

Sunday we headed up to Sydney to catch up with Adam and Checka some friends of ours and we went to Yum Cha at Blacktown, it was delicious as always and I rolled out of there feeling VERY full.

On the way home we had to pick up Jamie's sister Ria who had been at the Pink Concert the night before and had stayed in the city with friends. She got a lift back to Campbelltown so we picked her up from there and headed over to mum's for a quick visit and a spot of afternoon tea (more eating) before heading back down the coast to drop Ria off and then home. It was quite an exhausting day and I headed for bed about 9.30 and proceeded to snore the house down (aparently).

I must say though my throat was a little sore this morning so perhaps he was telling the truth.

Well all I can say for my fellow scrapbookers at Camp this coming weekend is SORRY. If you wonder why there are earplugs on your pillow, take my word for it you are going to need them.

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Cass said...

Hooray for nanna crafting and scones. :)