Saturday, January 24, 2009

Hot Hot Hot

Wow how hot is it today. It is finally starting to cool down. Jamie and I had a sleep-in this morning and didn't get out into the yard til about 11.30 and it was stifling hot. We had a few chores to do, edges and mow the lawn, plant some more plants before anymore die in their pots. We got this done as quick as we could so we could head down to the beach for a cool off.

The beach was beautiful, the water appeared colder than it was because my feet were on FIRE from walking on the sand (even with my thongs on) and I even broke into a jog to get to the wet sand quicker. It was lovely just hanging in the water for about half an hour to cool down.

Before I went to the beach I hung a load of washing out and it was dry by the time I got back before the next load had even finished in the machine, that is just crazy HOT.

Anyway this afternoon I spent scrapbooking Sketch #8 for Inspired Blueprints so here it is.

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