Thursday, May 5, 2011

Groundhog Day

I had a Groundhog Day moment this evening, while starring at the tupperware cupboard strewn across the kitchen floor, following my daughter around the kitchen turning off Oven knobs, closing cupboards, changing yet another nappy, loading up the layers of PJ's, dosing my sick baby up with her antibiotics and some panadol and stepping over all the toys in the lounge room, it was just seeming all very mundane, then when I thought about some of the new and cute things she did today I know it makes it all worthwhile.

I got snotty cuddles this morning, gross but cute, she loves me lots more when she is sick, then she must have started to feel better because she danced to the Wiggles, so cute I hit the rewind button and played the song again so I could giggle and video while she danced again. This is just a few of the adorable moments we had today, so I do hope that it is Groundhog Day again tomorrow.

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